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I’m the gear dude! I’ve created, your trusted music gear resource, to share a wealth of knowledge curated through many years of experience working with all types of music gear. If you’re like me, you have done your best to buy the right thing for your application and at times gotten the wrong thing which can be a frustrating experience. My articles are meant to guide you into making an informed and educated choice with your hard-earned dollars.

Knowledge is power in this world I believe. Nearly half of my life has been spent in customer facing MI retail helping people purchase the right equipment for the right reasons. I have watched how the evolving world of music gear has changed the landscape of what people purchase and why directly from the front lines. It’s crazy to think that just 10 years ago we carried giant guitar amplifiers to and from rehearsals and shows and now the technology has changed so that you can carry all of those sounds and 1,000’s more in a backpack from home, to rehearsals, to studios, to the biggest stages in the world and back again. I aim to take everything I have learned in my career and make it available to you in a fun and easy to learn from.

Recent Articles

A guitar amplifier is just an important as picking the right instrument.
Date: 26th June 2020
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In addition to a difference in feel a good set of strings can complement the tone of a great instrument.
Date: 28th May 2020
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Guitar strings like many of the best things in life do not last forever.
Date: 23rd May 2020
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Having a good pair of studio monitor speakers is an essential part of any recording or mixing setup.
Date: 10th May 2020
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An electronic tuner is an essential accessory for any musician playing a strings instrument.
Date: 5th May 2020
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Chances are if you are looking for a live vocal mic that you’ve already had to sing into a gross one...
Date: 2nd May 2020
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Headphones, anyone making music in a home studio is going to need to own a pair at some point.
Date: 28th April 2020
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Part of making music at home is being able to take advantage of a wealth of virtual instruments...
Date: 26th April 2020
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“I want to record my music in my home studio, is there cable to plug my microphone/guitar into my laptop?”
Date: 21st April 2020
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